From YaYa to NaNo to OhNo

It was with “wild abandon” that I approached the upcoming National Novel Writing Month – with all the other activities abound, and a new publishing company, no less – I signed up thinking that my participation would secure me another novel length work and it would contribute to the “create” portion of my journey triad. It was also without premonition that I hit the ground running – no formally started idea, a stack of editing and layout for two books to be launched in December, numerous other writing contributions – and the hopes of keeping my meeting schedule, my work schedule, and my writing life schedule all on simultaneous track with my family and friend’s schedules. No less…

The idea came to me for the book and backed with my experience and knowledge from my current job, it was a no-brainer and it would just start from the word go on November 1st. I am fortunate that this revelation came to me at a time when mind fog was not an issue and stress did not overwhelm all capacities – October 23rd my family life took an immediate and secure hold on the forefront of every schedule possible. When your day starts out one way and ends up in a totally different spot there are many things a person goes through – physically, mentally, and emotionally. I will remember the day always as one that started out helping one parent and ending up hoping that the help you can give the other will be enough – if they make it through. An abdominal aortic aneurysm is not a cool alliteration – a ruptured one means almost sure death. I can say this now with emphasis on “almost” only because it is after the fact and my dad is doing very, very well considering the starting point that Saturday in October.

November 1st found us the day before he was to be released from hospital and the first day into my novel quest – at that point it might have been more an uncertain question than a for certain quest – nevertheless, in my moments waiting and during the first two weeks home when my mom was caregiver, I managed to write my quota, meet my schedules and although I did forgo some events because of the situation, I managed to write. I cried too and I felt stress, anxiety, sadness, fear, loss, frustration – yet in all that there was hope and a tight finger hold on positivity and future. Two weeks after being home, however, another emergency took my dad back to the hospital for a night and a day and it sent my mom home – the caregiver needed care, too, and fear of getting sick and overstressed meant that other arrangements needed to be made – I couldn’t lose both to illnesses and I could not split any further to additional duties. I stayed with my dad and would be able to help my mom on the occasion that my sister could stay with my dad… it all worked out because I write this, now two more weeks past the second traumatic event.

In the midst of all this I managed to dump my 52,208 words on the official NaNoWriMo site meaning that I had the makings of another novel and this one would be charged with emotion and what I would call “powerful ink.” Hopefully, it reads to others and means to others what it means to me – it is not finished as I plan to add at least another 20,000 words to it before we go into our editing workshops starting in January.

The books were also off the press on time and looking awesome and my company launched them both at Words in the Park on Saturday December 4th. Thanks to those who helped with that because there was no way, and are no ways, one person can do it all. 

But I still continue to try. . . 


2 thoughts on “From YaYa to NaNo to OhNo

  1. Grace Carr

    Way to go Linda……….
    Time seems to keep moving faster ‘n faster & I seem to get behinder ‘n behinder with no time fer any darn thing !!

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