Some Moments

Some moments I am locked in the embrace of a new day taking care of old business…

and it seems like it was yesterday.

Some yesterdays come back to haunt reminding me that lessons learned are being revised

and sometime taunt – then it seems I let them go

and continue on with the day.

Some days it feels as if you were never gone and I come home with school-girl anticipation

then suddenly am overcome with tears.

Some tears just threaten, trying to dislodge my independent demeanor

while others shake it wildly from its moorings…

then tears and fears get the best of me.

Some fears are honest even if self-absorbed as they threaten not my physical being

but soak my soul with doubt.

Some doubts are unfounded as I remember words – reassuring encouragement to hang in there

keep sight of your aspirations and dreams.

Some dreams come true.

They carry our hearts on to our goals.

Some dreams don’t.

Their loss weighs upon our souls.

And I realize that is the choice of some moments.


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