Creative Construction

Even if you don’t think you have one – every writer has some routine that can be called their creative construction process. There are certain things every writer will do every time they sit down to write and while there are some actions that are universal to every writer, there are others uniquely possessed by a few. We are our own best characters, building upon our journey with such mindful cautions that often we are tagged as overly obvious or obsessed. For me, it’s hard to pin point just once process although the most obvious is something I would call avoidance void dance.

I will be going along great guns, blasting words here and there like tampered cement – noisy and repetitively irritating to everyone but me, but it allows me to get right to the root of the project, quickly. Then – it’s like I hit a road block, and I don’t get all worried and wary about it – right away. I let it go. A couple of hours. A day; then another, and another until a week has gone by and there are no words posted where I should be posting. I avoid the obvious – that I’ve neglected my writing life commitment by justifying “I’ve been writing other places, you just don’t see them!” And it’s true, but that doesn’t put a post where people expect a post – so I dance around the issue wasting another couple of days, knowing in the back of my mind “I’ll get there” when in reality I thinking so hard on what I want to write that nothing creative is coming to me. I avoid the obvious “you got nothing” and move on to something else somewhere else, just to keep in practice.

Well, here I am pulling out a draft that was sitting idle awaiting its blogging debut, adding to it desperately hoping to come up with some coherent cohesive coordinated composition, all the while knowing that down deep inside is the real piece that’s waiting to be written.  And it most assuredly won’t contain all these seemingly forced alliterations… It’s just “write” there being all patient and prosed for the time when I let my guard down, relax and just let the words flow. It happens – and that’s this writer’s creative construction process.

When I want to write on demand – give me a prompt or a topic or some words to direct me – and I’ll give you an imaginative piece. Did it yesterday – three pieces on three different prompts to the tune of about 3,000 words. Yes, I was catching up but the great thing about it was that two of the pieces are part of a continuing story that I have going and I’m thinking, movie…

Got a process? Don’t force it and just go with the flow. Keep on writing.


One thought on “Creative Construction

  1. Any interesting insight into your ‘writing world’. You are right we all have a different process. Whatever works is good as far as I’m concerned. Some prompts insigate a flow of words, whilst others stay ‘blank’ for sometime. A spark will ignite and our words flow – we are writers and the words are an integral part of us.

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