August Daze…

August days are waning as we slide into another fall

We justify the fading light and ignore the south bird call

Jackets come from closets where they’ve passed the summer days…

We pull them out reluctantly, yet bring them “just in case.”

The list of chores we wanted done – is either complete or now forgot.

That special thing we planned to do – is done or else it’s not.

No sooner than we pause to think on things we will remember…

The clock rolls forward.

Time moves on…

and August becomes September.

(c) Linda J. Pedley 09/2008



Filed under On Life

5 responses to “August Daze…

  1. August Daze,
    your words tickle me…

    lovely poem!

  2. Great poem – yep there is a chill in the air on my early morning dog walks! Sob – soon I’ll be wrapped up with only my eyes showing!

  3. Great poem – it is true there is a chill in the air on early morning dog walks!

  4. Always love ur poetry. They cadence had a crisp yet rolling quality…made me feel like autumn.

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