The Stars are “Write” Aligned

Although my horoscope relayed the encouraging message that perhaps I should be focusing more on my health than other projects at the moment, I am, of course, focusing on all that is writing. This is the “write” way for me to feel at my best. My bones may ache and I might be a bit tired, but as long as I have writing and all that it encompasses, I am feeling good. Being creative is the best feeling in the world and news from my writing friends helps to bolster that happiness as if a pill. I sent out information on a writing contest that encourages emerging writers to take a chance that their work might be good enough to be considered. I got positive responses and thank you’s from two newer members who have claimed they are going to enter. Nothing gained if nothing tried. Good luck to both and all others who might consider the opportunity.

A couple of novels from our group are out testing their little novel feet in the big world’s book waters – wow, now the waiting for a response, but the important thing to remember is the continuation of the craft while you do so. Keep on writing and best of luck! Others are talking of projects that are going to be finalized for publication consideration; many are entering the WFSC Book Project for a chance to be published in a wonderful compilation prompt book – it comes with an awesome matching notebook! The deadline of August 15th is fast approaching and more than half of the participants who have claimed interest, have sent in their work. We are waiting on a few more pieces of illustration as well. It will be wonderful to see the cover lay-out and start our marketing campaign to make this book a success, and promote the local writers and artists who have contributed. So far the interest and response has been awe-inspiring.  

I am also in the midst of writing paperwork for Dream Write Publishing Ltd. – a local dream come publishing reality! The publishing company will offer an alternative option for services to those who might not be considered by traditional publishing houses and we are a few steps higher than a vanity press. There will be an investment from the author if your work is to be considered but the services, contract, and royalty split will make it worthwhile considering. We have a working relationship with a local printer which brings us to a complete book service – start to finish – publishing entity. Watch for further information about Dream Write Publishing Ltd. in the very near future and look for our brand on our first book to be released later this fall – the WFSC book mentioned above, “Writing Prompt Journey – The Road to Your Creativity.” Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, too!

The ability to learn, create and share makes my writing life so satisfying. My passion for words reveals itself in many forms – blogs, poetry, short stories, novels, business writing, advertising, etc. but the biggest thrill is the feeling of fellowship I get from my association with writing friends. Their successes and accomplishments truly add to the richness of my journey. It has been a common goal among our original members to promote local writers and see everyone succeed on their journey, if they so choose to work and improve their writing. As we develop and grow, it means that we are able to help more writing friends find their way to their writing dreams, in whatever form that may take.  


2 thoughts on “The Stars are “Write” Aligned

  1. You are one busy beaver! Every writer needs a mentor and when it comes to being a prime example of how to dedicate yourself to the craft, we couldn’t ask for better than you! Thanks for leading by example.

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