Where in the word have you been…?

Words are like weeds, they’ve overgrown my mind and I mean that in a positive way!

I know. I know… it sounds negative just because weeds are usually thought of in that way when we experience them choking the life out of our lawns. I must again reinforce despite their foul deeds and in spite of the choking the life out of seeds… words are indeed wondrous weeds.

They fester and grow without much prompting these days. They manifest themselves in creative ways. Words that hold meaning, much more than they say; words that describe details, yet facts they relay. Small words and big words not often used – equal combinations of phrases inspired by my muse. Time filled with prose, silent and productive. Rhyming of verse… passionate, seductive.

So if you wonder where on earth I have gone… words are my friends and we’ve spent time alone. (Poetic license was applied here…)

“Words, words, mere words, no matter from the heart.”
William Shakespeare


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One response to “Where in the word have you been…?

  1. Love the closing line. We should all have gardens bursting at the seams with word weeds!

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