Wondrous Wednesday Writing Wishes

It is Wednesday and winsome distractions beckon; a welcoming sun shines warmth; I cannot concentrate on work as it is not foremost on my mind. Writing wishes are…

With all that is going on, my mind is just full of excitement and desire to do all that I can to see my many projects through to fruition. Much of my own writing crowds to the forefront as I edit and prepare for publication and submissions. This is a big part of the process – ensuring your own creativity continues to be the most important thing in your writing life process. The other significant portions of my journey hold hands with this creativity and it encloses me in a welcoming embrace that encompasses my “learn, share, create” prism.

I am proofing the final draft of the story accepted for publication in the fall. The book, Christmas Chaos, produced by Prairie Dog Publishing, will be launched on October 2nd in Edmonton and the final ok goes into the pre-press version. I read and received comment on my query letter and synopsis from my novel buddies – much appreciated and most-welcomed feedback. I intend to send it out this week once I get the final printed draft ready for mailing. It is usually protocol not to do “simultaneous submissions” but I will mail to one source and email to another, following their submission requirements. Since they do not indicate “no simultaneous submissions” I will advise them of my decision to do so and hope for the best from either one of them. It is a matter of keeping your contacts informed – if I hear sooner from one, then I can advise the other, and vice versa. I have also emailed my submission agreement and my five choices for the WFSC Book project.

The joy in writing every weekend on some unrelated prompt is another writing exercise I look forward to each week. Things grow from these inspirations and I have used three prompts now for a continuing story that came to me – and I will continue this little challenge throughout the coming year to see where it goes. As I mentioned at the meeting last night, it is not contrived to fit the prompts. If the prompts desire me to go to that story with a next chapter, I will do so – but only upon spontaneous inspiration. My only structured thought at this point to do with “Into the Forest” is that I may have another novel or at least a novella in the works.  I thank everyone for their comments and suggestions.

The WFSC book will be an awesome compilation of member work and will exhibit the results of a working creative collaboration. It is my personal desire to see as many members included in this publication as possible – if you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. If I can help, I will, with consideration for time and deadlines. Rest assured that effort in your writing is not lost. Believe me, hard work pays off – it depends where your writing life takes you.

The biggest writing project crowding my mind at this point is the development of a publishing company and the processes required to build a strong, informed foundation. There are reams of paperwork and mind work required to research, plan, brand and the decision-making is made easier with the group I am working with to bring this dream to a reality. More to come on that in the near future. Suffice it to say, I am keeping busy and I cannot help but exclaim “write on!”

p.s. I do blog and make time to read other’s work as well – it fills my life but that is where my writing life has taken me. So, far I am lovin’ the journey. Keep on writing, my friends.

p.p.s. Lunch break is over … I better get back to the position paper I am writing at work on the electrical industry Smart Grid and its implementation and effects on Rural Electrification Associations… 🙂


3 thoughts on “Wondrous Wednesday Writing Wishes

  1. Grace Carr

    Neat……good for you Linda……….great journey………loved this title.
    My wandering thoughts tried to find something similar……………Striking Sunday Scripted Slants.
    But how about the other days of the week huh, huh?

    1. wildhorse33


      mythical Monday’s meaningful metaphors
      titillating Tuesday’s textual tirades
      thirsty Thursday’s theorized thoughts
      Friday’s fearless fictionalized facts
      sumptuous Saturday’s sizzling stories

      Wednesday and Sunday done 🙂 YOU ASKED !!

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