Summer Solstice

In theory, this day should afford us the most daylight possible and for a writer that means more light more write. In reality, we have more light but not necessarily more time to pound out the words. And in fact, here in Sunny Alberta it just happens to be overcast and the clouds are making  darkened short work of the first day of summer.

The summer solstice brought a plethora of plagues upon our houses – one such Edmonton house is now non-existent with an explosion of sorts that leveled it to ground zero yesterday and killed four people. Today’s weather warned of possible tornadoes in one area nearby and more flooding in another part of Alberta already under water from the weekend and last week’s storms.

On the heels on the biggest oil spill disaster in history, there is no shortage of things to discuss or blog about, ponder or wonder about and it is not my usual character to do so. The world has enough outlets for news sharing without my blog clogged with sadness, despair and destitution.

But all this build up cannot possibly let a writer go away unscathed by the headlines and unaffected by the news. It is once again time to remind oneself how fragile our lives are and fleeting the life on this planet becomes with a single incident. Sometimes the only thing we can do is pray, in whatever way, shape or form it comes, and never give up hope.

If ever there was a time to stop and smell the roses, it would be now. Tell the ones you love how much you love them, without fail and without reason. Show your appreciation; say thank you; share; be consumed by your passion; enjoy life.

If a writer uses words for sharing the monstrous catastrophes that claim the headlines, then too, a writer can use their words for good, for love, and for life. To every writer, keep on writing for in your words a reader may find solace, perhaps comfort, and even escape. So let them.


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