Life is a Breath of Fresh Words

Now, that I have discovered the path I am supposed to be taking, life begins to come together in leaps and bounds. It was always there just underfoot but sometimes the leaves of the season or the moss of time covered it – the mist from the rains and shadows of the night sheltered it from my view. Choices along the way take you from your main road and lead you to diversions that either occupy too much time or take very little, depending upon their reason for being. That is where our life experience and our learning happens – along life’s detours.

To search. To dream. To live. To learn – that is what we have to do to be able to accept the journey that is ours. We sometimes get caught up in thoughts of regret or indecision – thinking that we did the wrong thing or wishing for things and people and places that are not ours to have. It is in this process that, if we are lucky, we realize sooner than later what we are here for.

It is the same philosophy as the old adage: “If you love something, set it free. If it returns, it is yours; if it doesn’t, it never was.” I believe that my purpose is to write and in many ways, share the writing life with others whose journey crosses paths with mine. It is my hope that they run parallel for some distance, for I have found a wealth of fellowship and friendship in my writing friends, and in my family and close friends who have accepted the passion that I harbor. With their acceptance, I gain confidence yet remain humble in my thanks.

It is in my words that I live and stoke the fires of imagination and creativity. My words take me places and show me things, describe a life that lives within me – one that thrives even though I have not experienced it for real. If dreams do come true, then I am living mine for in my dreams there are stories about knights and the maidens they make love to; there are far off lands where horses run free and all children are safe; where the sun always shines and rainbows have an abundance of gold for everyone.

As writers, our words are like oxygen – we breath them and they give us life.


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