Random Writing Thoughts while Humming a Tune

My mind is rather spongy right now after all the activities of the past two days. You could probably extend that to the whole week – to say it has been busy would be a slight understatement. Yes, for all of those who know me, you know what I mean. Let’s take every inch of minute and cram it full of something to do; then just to top it off, pick up more that will fill an already overloaded plate to heaping full – dripping off the sides and spilling onto the floor full. Sounds like a real buffet and I’m not sure yet which part of that is for dessert. Perhaps, the topping on the cake, so to speak,  are the words that are swirling around in my mind awaiting their jettison to paper.

That’s where the spongy comes in. Words are soaked up there like spilled milk trapped in an extra absorbent paper towel. I’d wring them out if I wasn’t so tired. So while I am aware of the growing prose that needs to be planted, random thoughts are making their way to the foreground prompting this to be a very confusing – but necessary – post, indeed.

I liken this type of thought-write-rethink process to a dog owner going to an off-leash park. Little Fido is good all week, staying within the given perimeters of a guiding leash… but by the end of the week, pent-up energy needs to be expressed, expelled and experienced in the willy-nilly run-at-will environment of the park. Free from encumbrances, little Fido can wade wanton amongst the weeds, leap lovingly through the clover, and of course, sniff the occasional doggy butt as part of the socialization ritual. Now this little metaphor goes up to that point – but nowhere near the sniffing – unless you think this post is a little bit smelly and nothing more than a dog’s breakfast.

Unleashed thoughts allow us to clear our mind of clutter and closet-hogging clumps of words that hang in there clogging up the main ink arteries. It is always a good idea to get these out of the way by just plugging away at a post, jamming them into a journal, scribbling them on scrap paper… knowing that disguised as a bemused poet there lurks a passionate prince of prose. While my writing dogs me and runs about frantic and free-falling, in the back of my mind I am composing, creating, and crafting my next Saturday Writing Prompt, my next novel edit, my web site content, a short story or two, a project, a proposal, a poem… a blog or two or three.

Instead of succumbing to the overwhelming feelings of procrastination while I teeter on tired, I chose to give in to these little tidbits of crazy, allowing myself to clean the creativity closet. Now I can see what’s there, what’s next and what can be boxed up and stored, at least for the time being.

One last little note of off-the-wall – I’ve been humming the Lotto Max tune in my head all afternoon – if this is a premonition, I should be richer come Monday as we chipped in at work for the 50 million – hey, it could happen.

What’s your dream?

p.s. I saw the movie “Prince of Persia” with friends last night – I loved it! And today, I cannot get that hunk of a Jake out of my mind, it would seem that this is contributing to the “spongy” as well. But, then again,  I’ve always had a crush on the ragged, long-haired brutes who can wield a blade. *sigh*


One thought on “Random Writing Thoughts while Humming a Tune

  1. Grace Carr

    Love it!……..anxious to see what’s next after having cleared all the chaff. Would be wonderful if the LOTTO tune afforded something……:)

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