“Oh, the weather outside is frightful … but the news is so delightful…”

Okay. So it’s not really funny when you see… on May 29th… and as I glance at the temperature which hovers just above freezing it becomes more of a concern than an inconvenience especially with evening approaching. That said, I would like to point out the irony of the day in what I can only call a weird and wonderful coincidence of an event.

I was advised today that my short story will be published in an upcoming anthology to be launched this fall. The book is called “Christmas Chaos…” you cannot make this stuff up, unless of course, you are a writer and that would be a great, albeit seemingly fixed, event for  your character to experience. I, however, am telling you a true story. My sordid tale of woe, “I Left San Francisco with My Heart” tells a true episode about a supposed-to-be happy Christmas visit gone awry.

In a not too long ago post I commented on the opportunity knocking and the doors that have opened. With the upcoming WFSC book project looming ahead, as well as a few personal projects, it is going to be one busy and successful year for my freelance writing and artwork. I am currently working on a story for a web site posting; I am to meet with a woman to go over some illustration ideas for a kid’s book; and I will send out my first query for my novel… as well as a myriad of other projects I am in the midst of completing.

It’s a “write” kind of day – even if it is snowing!


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