No Use Thinking Small

“No use thinking small”  applies in a very big way to the current project in the works by the Writers Foundation of Strathcona County (WFSC) an anthology book of writing prompts. Our vision of promoting writers, and more importantly our own members, is boldly claimed in our mandate to “support local writers… any age, any stage of their writing career.”

Over the years, my association with this group has grown from interested member seeking a circle to belong to by maintaining a continued fellowship and friendship with others who share my passion for the written word… to, creating an awareness within our group and our community about the value of supporting the literary arts and exploring creativity with others who love to write.

Many things lead you to your current place in the big scheme of things – our journeys are solidified the day we are born. Crossing paths with others who share your vision seems nothing short of a miracle, but it is in fact, the way your writing life is supposed to go. If your big picture fits with that of someone else, it is a good chance you are both on the right path. When things work out, they are meant to be – that is why our “no use thinking small” project will probably glean more opportunities than we can imagine.

The book project now becomes the means to another – a publishing company. It is the necessary step in formalizing what it is we will be doing anyway – receiving submissions, reading and selecting, designing a lay-out and theme, editing and proofreading, liaising with authors and artists, and contracting with a printer – all to publish a quality book to promote our members and make money to invest in future publishing projects.

Big dreams come true when you work for them. “No use thinking small” when you’re talking about publishing our words as this is a major accomplishment and I am happy to be a part of the project.


One thought on “No Use Thinking Small

  1. MandyB

    As I have said before onward and upward. Our Foundation is blessed with an incredable core of passionate writers and that is why we will succeed.

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