No Right or Wrong… Just Write

I spent the day in wordy bliss – my Saturday was mine and I chose to spend it on my butt in front of the computer, writing – mostly. I took some time to stretch and change seating arrangements to the sofa for a spell but today was my day to get some writing done, which included projects involving writing, but not specifically writing, per se. I managed a blog or two and wrote close to a thousand words for a writing prompt that we post to our writer’s web site every Saturday. It was fun because I stepped into some humor for that one.

Yes, I posted it late but it counts ‘cuz I’m still sitting here!  It was a windy, rainy, cloudy grey day so it was nice to just stay indoors. The act of writing all day is great for honing my craft but not so great for reshaping my assets… they are rather misshapen, if you know what I mean, but lately I feel that I would rather be known for my brain, not my body.

Writing is wondrous and it leaves me feeling good about me and my creativity. It is something I can count on; it’s always there for me; it accepts me for what I am. And there is no right or wrong when you sit down to write. To be a writer, one must write. That is the simple truth. So write in your journal. Blog here and there, on whatever you wish. Comment with thought and consideration on other writer’s posts. Practice by writing something way out there, different from your usual stuff or just write the same way with a different theme. It does not matter. There is no right or wrong… just write.

I pulled out some old files today while I was searching for some information about a writing prompt we challenged our group to way back in October of 2007. Of course, I found it along with a whole bunch of other stuff and soon my desk was stacked with papers to look through and sort through. Needless to say, I updated some submission guidelines for various publications and I hope to send some of my writing out – no, I will send some of my writing out – I just have to match a piece up to a publication. Definitely.

Looking ahead to tomorrow I will be working on some articles and posts for my web site. Of all venues, that one tends to fall behind as I write my way through so many other places – blogs, web sites, manuscripts. Thank goodness, there is no shortness of breath or lack of words. So many combinations allow me to construct, compose and create just as many stories, poems or essays.

As a writer, if you have the passion, putting it all together is “a piece a cake.”


2 thoughts on “No Right or Wrong… Just Write

  1. Grace Carr

    Love the title ‘No Right or Wrong…..Just Write’ and your last paragraph ‘As a writer, if you have the passion, putting it together is a piece of cake’ .

  2. I love ‘ that you spent the day in word bliss’ and that we should just write. I often want to wait for the perfect time and ideas but then I miss the whole idea and loose it. I love reading your blog. It is inspiring!! oh, and I just love that you would rather be known for your ‘brain and not your body’. In Africa, at least in South Africa, people just do that, yes, believe it or not!!! I kind of got lost in the image thing lately! Those words were a gift to me and will be to MANY others…. Our brains!! We are NOT a size we are people with brains LOL!!!!

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