It Comes to You in a Flash

It all comes to you in a flash, then you realize it’s over before you know it. I spent the weekend writing and working on writing-related projects mainly to do with the writer’s group I belong to. You wouldn’t believe the time you can put in unless you are actually doing it – consuming but very rewarding at the same time.

I will be looking into the details for setting up our own publishing company because over the years we have gathered to the fold a wide variety of individuals who own a tremendous array of skills and talents that will allow us to do this thing. We are talking of a book project and it is exciting to see it form its own identity through our discussions and planning; there is a confidence within the participating members that makes this a viable product, not only from the creative view-point but from a business one as well.

We have done the slow, building time and it is now time to promote our own group. We have created awareness in the community and carved out our little niche; it’s time to shine and show ’em all what we’ve got.

I am looking forward to having some more work published and as I work on other submissions and await word on those things already out there, I constantly have something on the go. Our Novel Writing Group meets on Tuesday again, this being the fifth month and we are well on our way to having something to submit from this workshop… soon. It is lots of work and all of us have to work other jobs for a living. The time investment is just like money investment for me – I hope to reap the rewards in the future, if not in the traditional way, then with self-publishing. Our contact with a printer for the group book project is nothing short of great timing; I am quite sure that in working with him for the Foundation publication, there will be an advantage to working with him on an individual  basis.

It is a well-known fact to most writers these days – you must be able to market your own book. I feel fortunate to have that “business sense” that can guide me to my success in that arena. With currently building a web site to promote my writing and artwork I am already that step ahead in the promotion department with an outlet to show and sell my work.

I recently posted on my Facebook status “love this opportunity that is knocking… keep it coming.” If one were to read the down of my dieting blog and compare it to the up of my writing blog… one would wonder of the stability. I happen to know, for the record, I think the up out-weighs the down… pardon the pun.

With a focus on helplessness instead of hope, one can miss the beauty that is in the every day.

One thought on “It Comes to You in a Flash

  1. Grace Carr

    Truth spoken “with a focus on helplessness instead of hope, one can miss the beauty that is in the every day.”

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