A Muse for Malaise

So, I’m thinking I have to get back to some writing and way in the back of my mind is that niggling feeling of  “it’s time to quit for the night” – you know, that irksome little feeling that must have been reminding me all week… the one I didn’t listen to and have spent the last couple of days in bed with something that can only be described as flu-like. A bit of a fever,  accompanied with a lovely headache and stomach cramps that are followed with the rest of the symptoms, that I don’t care to discuss here 🙂

Let’s just say, it was enough to keep me from doing too much although that was the problem in the first place – I do too much and then get over tired and pay for it with illness. My muse becomes indifferent along with me and then I can only think of all of the menial things I have to do, yet can do nothing, for I feel no want to do so.

It is toward the end of the second day of missing work and missing meals and I feel like I need to put something down just to keep in touch with my words. My muse laughs – they are hardly prolific – yes but, I retort …at least they are coherent.

They also will be short and sweet for the time being as it is late and time for sleep. I hope to be back to full force in a day or so. In the meantime, stay well and keep on writing.


2 thoughts on “A Muse for Malaise

  1. Hey there LInda

    Glad you could write an entry into your blogg. I have been blessed by having your blogg to read and hope you feel better ASAP!!

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