Sliding in Under the Wire

Nothing like deadlines to induce a little creative panic!

The month of April is quickly dissolving and although it always has been my favorite one, it certainly can be a very busy one, too. I am sliding in under the wire on several projects with looming deadlines like ominous beacons in a darkened tunnel. I keep repeating to myself… “it’s not a train, it’s not a train…” and forward momentum propels me to my impending doom or overwhelming success. Who knows? I, just being me, keep busy tackling each project as it comes up and this week, being limited in time (and sleep) am literally taking one thing at a time.

The weekend Writers Conference was a huge success. There are all words and no words to describe how I feel about our achievements within this group. We celebrate 5 years –  that seems like forever and just yesterday, wrapped up in one awesome dichotomy of a package. As we look ahead, there is so much more we can work toward yet we are modest in our momentum, staying within our means and gradually increasing our membership and our positive presence within the community. We support local writers but have exposed our little part of the writing world to the big world “out there” and it can only get bigger and better.

After catching up on much-needed sleep, I was off to another meeting with a co-member of the group; planning another meeting to review the Conference and set initial plans for our next events; catching up on some promised paperwork; reading and preparing for a Novel Workshop… afterall, it is about the writing and we must focus on our own projects in order to get them out there in the world if we want a chance to be published. I am happy to be working through this process with 3 very close writing friends – it will be a victory for all if at least one of us gets a book published. Of course, our big dream is to see everyone published in one way or another. And that, is what I like about our group – an individual’s success is celebrated and embraced by everyone.

Coming down to the end of April not only means the end of my favorite month, it also means tax deadlines. Although part of me would like to ignore this part, the accountant in me is busy working through several returns to get them out before that special day arrives.

By the end of this week I will have completed 3 meetings, 3 personal tax returns, a financial reconciliation for the 1 corporate annual return, a committee report for one of the meetings, a read through of 3 writing friend’s chapters for 1 of the meetings, quick read through and print out of my own 4 novel chapters required for the 3 writing friends novel-writing meeting, 2 hours at 1 part-time job, and gather all the stuff I have collected for the published page I edit for lay-out on the weekend… a partridge and a pear tree! I think I might find time to eat, sleep and pee – not necessarily in that order – and hopefully not all at the same time, given the deadlines I am coming up against…


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