Invitation to Conference

In our attempt to encourage free fall writing, our writer’s group posts Saturday Writing Prompts. The prompts are meant to engage our members and the public who visit our web site in topics and questions that will challenge the imagination and perhaps spark a new or renewed idea. The interesting thing about these challenges does not just lie in the prompts themselves (although, sometimes you wonder… where the heck did that come from?) but rather, the diversity of writing that follows. As a member of the WFSC, you are allowed access to the internal web site where  you could blog, post and share your literary offerings.

The Writers Foundation of Strathcona County held their 2010 Writers Conference yesterday (Saturday, April 24th) and although the prompt teased “you should be at the Conference”  it was posted as it always is and many of us would get back to it after the event was completed. The following question is the prompt for this week and my response follows.

“If you could invite anyone, author or not, to the conference who would it be? Why?”

When planning an event that involves several aspects of presentation or display, there are always those people you think of inviting that would add to the day either by their ability to draw or engage a crowd, or by the relationship they already have gained through past encounters. You also tend to, just by human nature, go off on an imaginary tour grabbing at far-fetched ideas and dreams hoping that by some whim of a chance a celebrity or an awe-inspiring mentor might grace your roster.

I would love to have someone who inspires me as a writer, attend a conference upon my invitation, such as our small but very successful 2010 WFSC Writers Conference, held on Saturday April 24th. Perhaps I might, in some distant future, be able to attend a larger writer’s event where authors such as Natalie Goldberg, Bonni Goldberg, Julia Cameron, Christopher Keane, or others, inspire the crowds.

The people who attended our Conference yesterday were not only those people who were available on the day, but more importantly, have a special place on our roster of writing friends. The invitation to present a workshop that would provide valuable information and engage the participants, was well represented with Shirley Serviss, Ann Martson, Ann Bibby, Barbara Galler-Smith, and Judy Schultz.

Our displays showed the diversity of support and talent within our network – artwork, books, inspirational writing, services and organizational connections all brought their unique blend of product to the table. An artist, no matter their creative calling, adds their own spirit to the group who mingle with a single purpose in mind – to share their passion for creativity.

Those who attend an event do so for various reasons. It may be to further their own knowledge and understanding of a topic and learn what they can from those who are considered to be experts in their field. A participant may be finding out about themselves and discovering that others share their trials – mixing and mingling with like-minded people creates a bond. Strangers become friends. Everyone becomes connected. The inspiration lies in the sharing.

Looking over the guest list – our committee, our members, our community, our leaders in council, organizations representative of industry, experts in the writing field, artists, authors, local restaurant…. If I could invite anyone to the Conference, who would it be? I think we had everyone we needed to make this Conference the success it turned out to be – thank you for sharing the day and the passion for the written word.

(p.s. in the back of my mind, of course, I have someone I wish would have attended – you know that far-fetched dreaming I spoke of in the first paragraph – Viggo Mortensen – poet, artist, photographer, actor, man-extraordinaire! Hey, we all have our fantasies. I did Twitter and Blog out my request some time ago…        Oh, yes, and of course, Will…but that’s really reaching 😉


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