Using Past Experience

I am not one to dwell in or on the past. Yes, I take my time to “get over” things but find that once I do, I can move beyond the event or situation and use the experience to my advantage. It is something that we all have – a past – but how we use the memories and lessons learned shapes who we are today. It is my sincere belief that our journey is laid before us and the path we choose is what’s already determined. Taking the wrong path or the wrong turn along the way is how we learn and eventually we discover our way back to who we really are.

Experiences with love garner many lessons and I am no exception. I have used my connections with various love-interests over the years as the basis for much writing. I have collected poems and stories varying from the lamenting tale of woe to the exuberant expression of eros – many crafted based upon the emotions felt inside at the time. Journal entries reflect the “dear diary” secrets akin to Bridget Jones or more like the school girl fantasies of penning initials enclosed in little hearts or putting your first name with their last name…

I recently sent off an entry to a writing competition (Christmas Chaos) that shares my one and only Christmas experience spent away from home, and friends and family. It tells the sordid tale of a love interest gone bad – thousands of miles away – and heartfelt dreams shattered once more. I am no longer bitter as I hope this little story will win me a writing competition. By the way, none of the names were changed to protect the innocent, for there were none. He probably is who he was… and I am happy with the way I have turned out, despite the fact that my love life is still reminiscent of a country song.

I will let you know how it goes and will post the story once I know if it is published – the rights will revert back to me, once it is in the anthology. In the meantime, remember all those yesterdays with fondness for they are the fodder for future writing.



2 thoughts on “Using Past Experience

  1. Grace Carr

    I like the line………the journey is laid before us; the path chosen is the one already determined……..I believe that also.
    Glad you wrote about that Christmas away & hope it gets published.

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