Volunteering – Rewarding!

I just want to blog about how rewarding it is to be a working member of the WFSC!

I remember back to the day the writer’s circle was revived – meaning I think it was in existence prior to that day but I don’t know to what extent – in October 2001. The group then was so different that those whose participate now. Current WFSC members Helen, Twilla and I attended that meeting. It was facilitated by Allyson Kidd and we were given pointers on how to run a writers circle, we looked ahead to what our writing tasks and accomplishments would be for the year. It was a time when only certain people were assigned to read each meeting, so perhaps, you might read a couple of times per year. It was run too much like a business within that creative arena.

What a difference 9 years make! In just 1 year, we became a different group and in 3 years we were on our way to be so much more. A group of six of us – Karen, Grace, Twilla, Sharon B., Consorcia, and Linda (me) had an even greater vision of the future and a new method of promoting those people who joined. The WFSC was borne from those meager beginnings.

I constantly answer emails from people enquiring about writing, and a writing group and whether we are the group they need. I am not reluctant to blow our own horn, considering the things we have accomplished and the awareness we have raised within our own community and other literary circles. Although some of our former members have moved on to either some other place (across the country) or some other group (that met their needs), we have constantly increased our membership over the years.

The planning of the Conference for this year – our fifth WFSC anniversary – is proving to be a venture that will connect us with so many more people in our own community who have the same passion we do – the love of words. It is very rewarding to hear through the emails that “we’ve made their day.” One writer has even been so inspired that she will take a one-on-one session to hopefully guide her through telling her story of being a cancer survivor.

We have an outlet here that draws those together who were meant to meet. I know this is where I am supposed to be by the way things go – your journey is already there and if you take the right path, things just fall into place.

Keep on writing my writing friends!


One thought on “Volunteering – Rewarding!

  1. Grace Carr

    Amazing what can come from ‘little’……I enjoyed my time with the group & love to come back to visit…….I’m so glad I had the opportunity to meet you and share our writing………look forward to keeping the friendships established in the Writers’ Group alive.
    Thanks for reminding us where we came from Linda & what you all have accomplished with the group.

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