Busy Days are Good

Keeping busy is great if idle minds and hearts take you to places where you don’t want to go… like the refridgerator to fill a void that is not called by hunger pangs but rather summoned by emotional pains. Some things are no longer a big issue for me and as my time is filled with writing and writing-related stuff, I feel less and less emotional anxiety. The big emptiness about not “being with anyone” is growing to be less and less of a concern. Sometimes I count my blessings that I am alone that way, in that I am able to pursue my passion for words and writing to the extent that I do. My time is my own – and I don’t have to give up much or miss out because someone else’s schedule, needs or desires must be considered, met or fulfilled.

I am, however, more aware of how my body is changing and the affects of negative care and an unhealthy lifestyle on my general well-being. I have started a new blog which caters to both of my obsessions and the need to always be writing something. You will find it a lot different from this blog – more personal and about the issues I have with my life long battle against fat. I thought if I filled my world with words there will be less desire to try and satiate an emptiness with food. My writing will increase and it is hoped that my waistline will decrease.

I am determined to document my progress and make a concerted effort to succeed. There is always hope as a writer, for if it fails, I can always write me a new size in my next story or novel.  Here’s to “Diet – Do It or Die” – drastic? It might sound like it but I worry it is the necessary step in order to stay healthy enough to continue my drive to be a published author.

“Freeing the creative spirit” begins with caring for yourself and recognizing the limits you put on your creativity if you do not address your physical and emotional health as well.

Click the link to the left or go to www.lindajschallenge.blogspot.com


3 thoughts on “Busy Days are Good

  1. Grace Carr

    I left a comment but it didn’t register (under the title) so I’m trying another to see if it will say 2 comments………….what kind of a pain can that be?

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