Memorial for Consorcia

It was a wonderful tribute to her life. We all miss her and to each of us a different memory stands out depending upon the period of time she graced our lives. A reason, a season, a lifetime…

I, of course, in my hectic busy life (boo me) did not RSVP that I would actually read something and, I of course, in my hectic busy life (boo me again) didn’t really write it until this morning anyway. But here it is:

Spring 2001 – I was in the throws of reclaiming my creativity after a bout with slight depression when life’s heavy weight upon my shoulders kept me from doing the things I loved. I registered for a writing course via correspondence, started a writing journal, brought out the poet and the writer who were hiding within, and I met Consorcia.

An ad in the Sherwood Park News drew me to a poetry reading she was giving one Saturday afternoon early that summer. Her words inspired me and brought out an emotion that we often laughed of in the years to follow. Her beautiful poetic words not only made me cry, they made me proud to claim to be a poet.

I loved when she shared her work and she would sometimes dedicate the “rhyming stuff” to me as a tribute to my style at the time. Sometime after her illness I sent her this poem…

When a poet writes in silence

and upon reflection words become a task

When no image falls to page

what does a poet say, I ask?

The poet then looks inward

and within the heart can hear it

volumes, verse and word combine

a constant whisper of poetic spirit

Rest in peace, poet, for you are in a place where you will always have moonbeams, mango trees and the one you love by your side.

Consorcia Leonardo Mendoza 1931 – 2009


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