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I recently went on-line to my book club and since I hadn’t ordered for some time I thought I would take a look at what was available. I am picky when it comes to “ordering” books on-line because I can find so many deals at Chapter’s… when I have a mind to browse through the discount tables (and when my body feels like shopping, which has not been much lately.) I am actually happy it’s holding out tonight so I can post a blog here. My mind is always on words and wants so much to dispense them but it has to make a deal with my body sometimes and often does not win due to one pain or another. Anyway, enough about my hurts…

The book below showed up in my search for “writing books” and, yes, I am a couple years behind BUT I never heard of it before. I love Julia Cameron books way back to the Artist’s Way and The Sound of Paper is just beautiful to hold, let alone read. Writing to inspire other writers can only be the ultimate writer’s goal – you know how much you love it and you have a need to share that passion and want others to find their way and explore their creativity as well. I feel that way. I want to do that.

My battle in this life is with myself – learning to love me for who I am and accept what I have been given. I understand the value of my gift here on this earth and want to make something of myself so that I might be remembered in generations to come. A large request given the small amount of time we actually have in this life. Others have done it, however, and I intend to do it as well through words and illustrations. Perhaps in my past life I fought a different battle and in the future will live another… but this one today is what it is.

I have ordered this book. I need to fill my life with more words so that the empty voids and cracks and crevices are no longer calling for something to fill them other than words. Creativity lives within me – I know this – it is something that makes my heart sing and recovers my soul. Oh, yes, and spring just around the corner helps a whole lot! I hope you find your words are as comforting to you as mine are to me.

Keep on writing and “free your creative spirit.”

The Writing Diet: Write Yourself Right-Size

Published: January 1st, 2008

ISBN: 9781585425716

Experts agree: often we choose to eat not because we are hungry, but because we are bored, sad, frustrated, or else we are happy and in the mood to celebrate with treats. In other words, emotions can drive us to overeat. But what if instead of turning to food, we could identify those underlying feelings and express them in a healthy, positive way? What if, in doing so, we could also increase our creativity, get in touch with our authentic selves, and discover our true artistic abilities? In her new book THE WRITING DIET: Write Yourself Right-Size, artist and bestselling creativity mentor JULIA CAMERON promises just that.

I have also joined her site. Here is the link if you are interested



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