Life Revolves Around Writing

As a writer it is necessary to immerse oneself into all of the aspects of writing and never forget that to be a writer, one must write. Many times it does not matter what you write, but many times it does. If there are things that are sitting on the back burner – creative things stewing away – it may be time to pull them to the forefront and take note of them again. It is okay to intersperse them among the other things that might have to be done on a day-to-day basis – life, for instance – but your writer’s life must be just as important in order for those creative babies to grow and mature and get out into the world.

I, for instance, just finished writing a one page feature advertisement for our Writer’s Conference coming up in April – this is writing – it is a different kind of writing but I feel it keeps me in touch with what is important to me and my journey as a writer. It is not what will be noticed in the future as my “claim to fame” but it is important now. A writer must learn how to mix it up in order to keep in the now and put out there what will be in print and there for all time. Not to go all “shakespeare” on you, but immortality for an artist is caught up in the number of times our work will be appreciated in the future by future readers and art connoisseurs.

The omen the other day – receiving a Business Edge news magazine in my mailbox for the first time ever – was taken to heart as a sign to get out there. I have submitted the piece I read last Tuesday to the writer’s group with a couple of changes, just to generalize the concept for all business leaders in today’s business world. I will continue to work on other things while this comes to fruition.

Along with all the things that I am doing, is something that I am not doing – beating myself up for not writing in my small daily journal, having lost momentum along the way with the move and all. I HAVE been blogging and participating in the Saturday Writing Prompts so I look at the positive, not the negative. I AM writing and that is what constitutes a writer.


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