Ideas are milling about…

The week has been hard on the body but it has been a time for me to actually entertain thoughts of “what should I send out to seek publishing?” There are several options that are already in the works and it is just a matter of a bit of editing and submitting. By the end of this day – something will be submitted… somewhere! This flurry of thought happens during the busiest time and although I took a week vacation so I could get my move in order – it has been crazy. Thank goodness for the days off. The conference planning is in full swing and advertising must go out so we get the attendance we need to call this event a success. Other details, such as presenters, exhibitors, volunteers and promotion are going very well – with everything almost 100% confirmed.

I can already feel the difference this new placement will make – it is inspiring and calming, yet functional, and it looks good all in one big lump of living. I am really excited to be in the month of spring (not jumping up and down excited because that would hurt) but in my mind and heart and soul revived-excited. The weather has been awesome and the sooner those old coats can go away, the better! With a fourth floor, south-face apartment there is plenty of light and encouraging sunshine – basement suites are depressing, no matter how well finished or stylish they are. They are below ground and with the exception of a walk-out looking into a pasture of horses – well, you get the idea…

Despite it being that brown yucky-splashy-freezing-snow-melt time – it is wonderful and as March slides into the first weekend already it’s just a matter of time before rain showers, blooming flowers, daylight savings time, Good Friday and Easter… and with that holiday falling the first early weekend of April, well, my favorite month and time of year is not long away.

Here’s to looking ahead and being inspired by thoughts of spring.

Keep on writing!


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