Moving Again

Okay, it’s been a few days since I posted something here, so I thought I might just as well update you on my writing life. “Write” now it’s in a new apartment since I moved over the weekend. Yes, again… The word “move” when it applies to me is always followed by a questioning – exclamatory “again!!??” – JUST NEVER MIND!

I am in and getting settled – most important things first – my bed, my desk and the Internet, not necessarily in that order but very close. We all seem to feel a sense of contentment – the cat, Kelsey and me. I took the week off; Kelsey started a new job yesterday; the cat is just happy roaming and being the centre of attention whenever possible. The place is wonderful and as soon as all the boxes are unloaded from the middle of the floor it will start to feel like we’ve been here forever. It feels “write.”

Now that we are here, I am thinking of all the things I want to get ready to send out in hopes of publication. Thank you for the wonderful comments regarding the piece I read last night at the writer’s circle meeting – it was a business piece called “The Art of Professional Negotiation.” Twilla mentioned that it could apply to all business not just the organization I work for… the funny thing was, when I picked up my mail there was a publication among the other usual stuff called the “Business Edge – News Magazine” – never received one before! Anyway I am going to fix up that piece and send it there! Wouldn’t it be cool to write a column for them – I am going to suggest it, of course.

Even with the move, I have been thinking of our upcoming Conference. The plans are exciting and it is very rewarding to see things fall into place. I hope we have a good showing from all of our members – take advantage of this opportunity – we would like to see everyone benefit from the connections and relationships we have made in the community to create awareness for our group. Whatever you want to do with your writing and where ever you want to take it – rest assured there is someone else in this group thinking, doing, wanting the same thing. It is awesome to be able to work together with fellow writers who have a like passion. For me, and probably many others, it is not only a rewarding feeling getting your own work published or recognized but it feels good to share celebrations with those who come to be good friends over the course of time through our meetings. Write-on!

Take care and keep on writing!



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