Writing the Past Present Future

As writers we often reflect upon our past and draw from these experiences, situations, feelings and events to influence our writing or in a larger sense, provide content. Aside from harboring fond memories and learning life lessons – that is what experience is for – acknowledging, reviewing and utilizing things we have gone through to bolster our words and make them real. This use of truth validates your writing and makes you an expert because no one can draw from your mind and use your examples as their own – only you can tell your story. Many can empathize with your words but no one can replicate them if you are true to your own voice.

Grounded in the present along with these memories is practicality. We can justify using past events whether they are happy or sad because they bring to our writing a connection with other writers and to a greater extent, our readers. The feelings you emote grab their attention and engage them in life that is not just your own as you express it but theirs too as they read and feel what you share.

But as often as we reminisce and remain stationed in the here and now, we also dream – we put our thoughts into the “what-ifs” of tomorrow and create an imaginary world because we have not yet experienced what is going to be. As writers, we draw on this world to add to our writing another dimension – that which has not yet happened, might never happen or perhaps, will veer off in another direction altogether. However, we put faith in our past experience and depend on our logical thoughts to lead us to conjure up stories that can also be considered true. Dreams are the foundation of this creativity.

It is necessary to remain grounded and yet be imaginative – let your mind go to where the stories are deep within your writing soul. Look to your heart – be bold and true.

Keep on dreaming and keep on writing!


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