About My Writing

I have just returned to computer and blogging after a week away at a Conference and although it really had nothing to do with writing (I would love to go away for a week to do nothing but write!) it still had a lot to do about my writing.

The organization I work for requires many manuals, policies, procedures, reports, presentations, etc., and I am lucky enough to have a job that employs my talents as a writer and an artist in many ways. The reason I was hired for my current job is to implement the Business Management System (a system of business procedures and policies for the rural electrical industry) and I love the fact that no one before me ever had this job – it was really created for me!

This past week at our AGM and Conference,  I was a presenter at one of the break out session workshops to share information about this system. I co-presented with my CEO and he was gracious enough to introduce me as a writer to the people in attendance – not just as the Business Management Coordinator for the organization. It was very inspiring to be recognized for the written work I have done for the company. Documents I wrote recently include the President’s Address, the Board Report, two Sustainability documents, the Business Plan, a trade show booklet, several power point presentations and many of the policies and procedures that apply to Board Governance. It is very gratifying to see the work put in accepted and approved by those in charge.

So upon my return to computer keyboard, I am not dismayed that I have not written substance this past week as it was a very busy week, what with our Conference and then an Arts Expo this weekend! I am pleased that so much of what I do revolves around writing and my words. My creativity has not suffered despite so many technical requirements – in fact, I think it has grown and improved.

I was approached by a very nice lady at the Conference asking me to share my work with her … and I hope she reads this blog for I would like to thank her for her interest in my writing. I will  – in the near future – send you some poetry, although there are some examples in this blog under prior posts. I hope to publish a book of poetry THIS YEAR! I am working on a novel that I will be editing with a group of fellow writers over the course of the next  couple of months. We all hope to complete the revisions necessary to send our work out and have it considered for publication.

It will be awesome to possibly have more of our group published by the time we host our Writer’s Conference in April (I know it might be pushing it a little?). Celebrating 5 years as a Foundation is a milestone but so is the presence of a number of published authors in our midst. Little by little we strive to “support local writers… any age, any stage of their writing career.”

See our web site for more awesome details – www.wfscsherwoodpark.com

Oh, yes… and have a great Valentine’s Day, whatever your love.


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