Magnetic Poetry

Words affect me but more so in the combination that presents itself on paper. The word groups that are displayed in today’s writing prompt talk to different parts of me in an emotional sense not a physical sense. They speak of past and present and future events that solicit feelings and although I try not to dwell on memories that serve no positive measure in current situations sometimes they cannot be avoided. These events have molded you who you are and even if they were negative they have played a role in what you have learned and the knowledge you take forth with you.

Color and design play a big part in my daily musings. As an artist I see and feel certain things differently depending upon their design. A strong word or phrase, however, will not produce more or less emotion if it something that is embedded in me and I merely read them. When you talk about the soul, the mind, the heart, time, and other inherent attributes that display worth or love or wisdom, they will not change even if they are printed small and in black ink; large and in florescent glow. It is how you relate to them that makes the difference. I believe that to write them and hear them would alter your perception more than just to merely read them, alone and without context or emphasis.

Here and there

memories weigh heavy

– it is the lessons learned that must give us peace of mind

Time will tell

more than just that within your thoughts

– it is when you give freely of your time the results will nourish the soul

Give and take

fragile fragments of your heart

– to display worth you mind your manners and live in harmony within this precious life

An attempt to put all the phrases in a free verse poem. Feel free to comment as I can always use the feedback to what you see, hear and feel in my words.


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