The Write Blend

Just sit. Pen in hand, notebook ready to receive the blessed ink. Take a drink and let the thoughts warm around in your head while you think. This is the span of a sip – just a mouthful – savor the taste. Perhaps coffee, tea or another. Savor the flavor as it glides over your tongue – smooth going down like the words springing forth, inspired by the calming sensation of the muse of hot drink.

Don’t stop to think too long, though, as it will get cold – the mind and the drink. Your ideas will cool to the page and the ink will stop if you think too long on what it is that will be written. It is better to just understand that what will be written is there – somewhere in your soul – and it will come when least expected.

Savor the smooth sensation of the warming mouthful and when the ink has tasted the page it too will flow. Coffee over tongue. Ink over page. A combination literally the write blend.


2 thoughts on “The Write Blend

  1. Mandy

    Love the idea of coffee over tongue and ink over page – it is true the words do ‘appear’ on the page as though your thought has bypassed your brain altogether – that is the joy of writing.

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