Love the Sound of Well Crafted Words

Everyone can appreciate the sound of well crafted words – the way they play together in a sentence or a paragraph – enticing a myriad of reactions when they tease the senses or just slide effortlessly through our thoughts. These well crafted words are those that are forever quoted due to the feelings they inspire but sometimes we just come across them during our writing journeys. We may read them in an email, we might hear them spoken on the news… everything about well crafted word creations excite the writer. They are what we aspire to. We relate to them and hope that our own words might bring about the same reactions whether read soon after their birth or somewhere down the road long after our own death.

Who would argue that Byron’s “she walks in beauty like the night” is not one of those phrases that pleases the ear and could just sit there, a thing of beauty in its own right. Shakespeare has so many how would we ever choose? We don’t hear them all the time but when we do, we relate as a writer in no less form although certainly in less stature. “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day…”

In our own way as a writer we can contribute our own word combinations that reflect our personal style, time and place in our writing journey. I use the word combination “freeing the creative spirit” to describe the ability to less loose your inner creativity and maintain that everyone has to some degree this ability. As writers, we all possess that passion that connects us to words and their creative combinations – within our own work we craft series of words that reflect the way we look at writing.

My horoscope the other day suggested:

“Being in command comes from the power you derive when you are in sync with the truth. Today it means being the author of your own life. ” Given that advise I write with caution as it went on to suggest that there are those who read my words and may be influenced by them. I, therefore, take to heart the attempt to always try to encourage those who are companions in this writing life. We bring each other well crafted words and well placed support. To be the author of your own life means despite the ups and downs of the journey – we don’t always have control over those things – but we can right our wrongs and write our own responses for the outcome is up to you.

“Our remedies oft in ourselves do lie,
Which we ascribe to Heaven.”

All’s Well That Ends Well (I, i, 231-232)

I love the sound of well crafted words.


2 thoughts on “Love the Sound of Well Crafted Words

  1. Twilla Boyce

    I, too, appreciate the sound delivered by well crafted words. Even if you are reading silently to yourself, words have a sound to them that can bypass our right brain and end up cozily ensconced within that big comfy chair of our left brain.

    But well crafted words can also be quite serviceable. There’s nothing more tedious than sitting through a presentation with the lecturer droning on and on and on about something you thought you’d be interested in. The interest is killed, murdered even, by the superfluous use of language when a few select words could have expressed the same thought by being more direct and descriptive. More is not always better. Fewer words are not always enough. Knowing the difference and finding the balance between the two is the ‘crafting words’ of which I think you speak. I couldn’t agree with you more!

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