Love Your Family

I did not write sooner on this topic just because I wanted to get off to a “writer’s start” with topics that appeal to the writer’s heart. My family is very important to THIS writer’s heart and therefore I profess that I love them all dearly. When I thought about all the posts that could happen for “love” January – family was high on my list and I knew the blog would come up at the right time. It is the right time now to write about my appreciation and my extreme luck in having the family that I do – and that they are safe and relatively healthy and happy. Considering all the people that are now wondering and praying for their family in Haiti – it is opportune time to thank our lucky stars that we live here where that type of catastrophe is unlikely to ever happen. Other disasters and events, of course, could (and have happened) but at this moment we are safe and alive.

In my way, I pray for all those fellow human beings who are not with their family, wondering of their safety, have lost family, are estranged from family, have no family or are dealing with a family crisis of any kind, not only in Haiti but all over the world, whether in war or in peace. We need to realize the shortness of life, the quickness of tragedy and the necessity to tell our family  every day how much they mean to us and show them every chance how much you love them.

Writing is nothing without love – and love is nothing without family.


2 thoughts on “Love Your Family

  1. Twilla Boyce

    Awesome post! I especially like the last paragraph. So very true. It is amazing how our family cause both the deepest pain and the most wondrous joys. The concept of family is so very precious and, sadly, is not given the respect it deserves in many cases. Here’s a glass raised to family. “We are family….”

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