Love Your Own Company

It is said that the writer’s life is a lonely life with the action and process of writing such a solitary activity… alone with one’s thoughts, just a paper and pen and the urge to create which is fostered by that same state of oneness that might succumb the social butterfly to tears.

Alone, however, is not loneliness – therein lies the difference. A writer seeks solitude and quiet in order to be alone with one’s thoughts and ideas, to lessen the distractions and increase the propensity to create. Nothing inspires me more on a Sunday afternoon than a quiet house – no phones ringing, no needless discussions, not even music – for I find solitude in the calm and quiet and welcome it to such a degree that my social calendar suffers. I do love people and have many whom I enjoy sharing time. I get out and touch base with reality on a regular basis because I work full time and have appointments, meetings and obligations that I must meet … but sometimes I prefer to avoid the crowds, the noise and the whole process of “going out.”

I would never get bored just staying in, writing… taking a break to watch a movie or read a book or magazine; sitting back with a cup of coffee, tea or a glass of wine and just the occasional nudge from my cat for a little attention. Throw in a wondrous view from large window to welcome the sunshine  and a warm snuggly blanket and – well, you have a perfect setting.

I could sit and write, think and dream to my heart’s content all in the company of … me. For I would not interrupt me, distract me or try to discourage me from doing what I love. I might get sidetracked for a moment or two, perhaps because I strayed too long into the dreaming… but eventually I would wonder enough and wander back to the page. Great things come from minds not forced and prodded and poked… great things come from minds just let loose – allowed to be free to create.

Differences in a writer’s life reflect along the same lines as their personality traits – there are those who fuel themselves by meeting with people for a little time then retreat to produce for a long while alone; there are those who must meet with others on a much longer basis in order to refuel enough to spend a little time alone. Whatever your pattern, be happy with the time you get to yourself whether taken and planned or by accident – use this time to be the writer you are.

Love your own company and keep on writing.



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2 responses to “Love Your Own Company

  1. Twilla Boyce

    Ohhhh, I wanna go write now! This is great prose and you should share it, either in next newsletter or read at next meeting.

  2. Grace Carr

    Loved your post…….I’m still working on loving my own company!

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