“Cut and Paste” Love

You may laugh, but for a writer this is a very heartfelt love…

I professed at the onset of this New Year to post in all that is positive and all that I love. Sometimes … no… all the time we are faced with situations that try to dig at your resolve and yes, it is only the 9th of the month but that is just the test that hits so soon after the new cheer empty promises and resolutions to do better.

I HAVE NOT given into the temptation and will continue to post and blog and write and comment my way to the end of this month, this situation and this turmoil. It will take death and destruction, God forbid, to take away from me all that I love. My writing will stand the test of time and because I post on several blogs, forgive me if I use the “cut and paste” option to re post articles in a couple of places. Maybe it is worth a double dose – otherwise, it will allow you to move on to others that are not the same, that are new, appear worthy or perhaps, are not even on my blog. See… cut and paste love in the computer-writing-blogging-ever sharing world is cool.

Cut and paste in real life, however, sucks and is far too easy an application allowing some uncaring individuals to just replace a part, a portion or an entirety of a person’s love for other another (person, place or thing) with very little concern for the cuttee; applied with careless ease, slopping over the edges, leaving little bits and passing it off as real, the original party suffers the hole left from the whole process.

My writing continues – life continues – situations continue… I’ll think I’ll just “cut” that last part and if I leave it hanging, not pasting it anywhere … will it remain on the bulletin board we call our memory?


5 thoughts on ““Cut and Paste” Love

  1. Grace Carr

    Cut & paste in real life is the worst kind. Unfortunately there are those who have become expert at it without an original action of their own save the ‘cut and paste’ they use to attempt destruction.

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