Loving Your Work

For all the jobs I have had and all the work I have done… I am just as much a slacker as anyone.  I would rather be at home even though I have a cool office now with my name on the door, business cards, a new computer with two 22″ monitors AND it is a  job I love! There is something about being able to just stay home – not dress up and not put on make up and just be able to do what you want to do for the entire day – and night – if you so choose. I must reiterate – I love my job – and I have had some great jobs and great people to work for but this one kind of combines all the things that would make a great job for me into one great package. The office is small – an umbrella organization representing rural organizations within the province of Alberta in the electrical industry – the co-workers are a good bunch of people, the benefits and perks are way too cool. The best part about the job – and this is the writer speaking – is the amount of writing I actually have to do and the value that has been placed on that contribution in my job and the within the organization. I realize the value in my writing but to have others validate it, accept it and approve it, is something that every writer looks for – not that publication makes you a writer – as I have said before, writing makes you a writer. It is nice however, to write several pieces for business that have been accepted and shared as part of the overall company direction, including the company business plan. (I must interject here that my writers group is one awesome group and has long ago accepted me and my writing and my writing life, so their validation is already a gift.)

It is important to love your work. If you are like me, you have to get up everyday and put in your full time hours – believe me – it is much better on your outlook, attitude and stress levels if it is something you enjoy doing. The getting up and getting out there cannot be mixed with negative emotions as it will be evident in your lack of effort and your level of happiness. I have put in time at jobs before just because they paid the bills but did not give me pleasure in any other way other than the pay cheque at the end of the week. There are lots of jobs out there if you are willing to work and you might have to scratch through and get by until the right one comes along. I admire those individuals who have stuck it out and stayed with one job for 20, 30 or even 40 years – accolades! Me? I changed jobs years ago like I moved (if you know me, then you know what I am talking about…) until recently when I discovered my passions (some were there all along) and my job discovered me! I can say this is true because this job did not exist before me and I was hired for this newly created job – so in essence it was mine to be had.

  • If you love your job the day goes by quickly
  • If you love your job you are content with the work you do
  • If you love your job you feel satisfied, accomplished, even … happy
  • If you love your job it falls over into other parts of your life

Some of us are lucky enough to get into the work we love sooner than others – for those who have only discovered it and now know what it is that they want to be when they grow up, I say…  it’s never too late. I found my passion in writing and want to be a writer and while I work on this  and until such time as I choose to give up my day job,  I love my work. Let it be known that I have  a couple of different jobs besides the full time job that I love – one for a friend, one as a volunteer and one is based on my own creativity.

You have to have a passion for what you do to make it a lovable endeavor – if there is no passion, find what makes you passionate and get to work!

Be passionate about what you do - love your work!

One thought on “Loving Your Work

  1. Grace Carr

    So glad you have found the ‘right’ job my friend (do you need a distant assistant ?)…….I am ready for retirement & up to this point have not experienced that ‘perfect’ place for me (in a work situation).
    Just love the “I’ze on top of it”…….sweet!

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