For the Love of Words

Writers write because they must

The love for words is something that all writers have in common. The many similarities between us end with the individuality of each. Although we would agree we write because we must, our styles and methods are uniquely ours. Some write in the morning, others late at night; off and on or constantly… it really depends upon that person and the freedom they have within their writing life. It also depends upon the importance you place on your writing. No matter where you are on your writing journey, the love for words is deeply embedded.

Spare not your best words like fine linens kept for special occasions – let them loose daily and use them to your advantage. Blog or journal so that you might keep in touch with your creative muse by continuously putting pen to paper (or hand to keyboard) and in this manner you improve your writing while connecting with that inner passion.

The love for words for a writer transcends many things and we cannot explain this love except that it is something we must do. Your best work will come to you when you least expect it – do not force it because it lives where there is no stress, form or plan. If you just sit down and begin to write, the words will continue to come for they are natural to you. A writer has it within to do so. Do not despair if they appear to elude you for they are just teasing you in an attempt to confuse you and throw you off guard.

Stand firm to your commitment and hold your writing ground – fool them into composition – write around them and soon they will be curious and come forth for they too want to be heard. Your words are good words – display them proudly and use them daily.

Public domain photograph of Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1806 – 1861)

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

“Who so loves believes the impossible.”


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