December 30th – A Look Back

This time tomorrow we will be just over a half hour from count down to the New Year. 2010 – a new year and a new decade – wow, where has the time gone? My journal entry for tonight begins “down to the end of the second last day of 2009 – my thoughts are on those things I did, those things I didn’t do and those things I still hope to do in the future.”

Personally, I do not like to make extravagant resolutions that lead you frolicking into January with a purpose and then leave you feeling like a failure the first time to forget to do whatever it is you promised to do; or perhaps you resolved to give up doing it and then did it anyway. That being said, I do make promises to myself to try to do better knowing deep in my heart that there are many things that I could do way better at least for my own well-being.

A look back on my year brings me to the realization that it began with knee pain and ended with it!! How weird is that? By the way, for those who don’t know or just as a reminder, my mother went through knee surgery early in 2009 after a lot of thought and a little procrastination. She was unsure but today she is doing amazing and so happy to have undergone the procedure. I took my holidays to stay with her and help out during the initial weeks of recovery. Me, I just threw mine out with too many stairs – but am happy to report that it’s doing much better after my week (more holidays) of self-inflicted hermit-like behavior …I will, therefore, not entertain thoughts of any kind of surgery, thank you very much.

Words – wow. They were my friends this year for sure and although I was not published in the “book” way I want to be published, I am published just the same. I post work on three web sites; I have written freelance pieces for three others; my job is sometimes all about writing and I have written letters, speeches, manuals, proposals, agreements, presentations, etc. etc. etc.; I was able to participate in NaNoWriMo which produced 50,000 words for a novel that was a mere idea and outline for a number of years. I also joined the blog world this year – now blogging on at least three sites and this site alone has allowed me to post 8,000 words. I want to thank everyone for their comments and their interest in sharing our writing lives.

I did things again this year that tend to be my bane, like moving. I cannot say it was a year without loss – two writer friends passed away. It was not a year without heartache – my sister’s cancer. These are the kinds of things that put the little things into perspective. They make you see reality.

So no more getting caught up in the little things of 2009.

What I didn’t do will get done if it is meant to be. I will think on this and post tomorrow for New Year’s Eve – December 31st – A Look Forward.



2 thoughts on “December 30th – A Look Back

  1. Grace Carr

    Here here for the New Years Resolution……..not good to make a huge production out of the ‘promise’ to do something when the very act just sets up to fail. I believe that if it’s right and meant, you just ‘do it’ without necessity of the promise to.
    Love your blog….:)

  2. Mandy

    Little changes give us BIG results so don’t sweat it! 2010 will give us what we need not always what we want! Life is growth after all.
    Enjoy your writing – it is your life’s blood after all.
    Happy & healthy New Year to you.

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