Holding Steady

The winter air seems to be holding steady in amongst the mid-teens… and here in Alberta that can be a blessing because an icy northern blast can send us plummeting into the -30’s very quickly. If we look at the long range forecast we could become frustrated and obsessed with the fact that that very thing will happen soon and tolerable cold soon turns into something more intolerable. Our lives here are often planned around the weather and what happens depends on whether or not we can forge ahead or give up trying – at least for the moment. We always know that spring is but a few months away and that is the hope that gets us through the longest winter.

Our writing lives are much like the winter weather – it comes and goes in blasts piling up around us, shoveled to the side while we make a narrow path to navigate. We know there will be times of calm when our minds will put to paper projects labored in our hearts; written with the sweat of our brow, our blood and the tears from long toll. Too often when the storms of life converge we take cover – pen and paper tucked underneath our arms our back turned away from that which might spawn feelings. We must realize to stand our ground means to experience and let the fall out fuel as fodder for our work.

If we do not know loss we do not know hope for in us there is the ability to learn from our folly. To try again is not weakness but strength as long as we take the lessons with us and move forward in a positive manner.

Just living means we chance emotional turmoil and what in life is not worth that chance?

If all hope had failed there would be no words here, so my readers do not despair for me because I am merely writing from that storm and weilding my sword of creativity against the tempest.

My armour is thick but my heart is true - I will ride into the foray for you...

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