At the keyboard

At the keyboard she is still young – able to surmount obstacles much like the superheroes that filled her younger years. She still believes in those heroes – the Lone Ranger, Roy Rogers, Zoro – but they live inside, deep in her heart where her spirit is still strong and vibrant. This is where she lives and loves for deep in her heart are memories and reminders of things that once were. A strong mind still keeps her will pinned to this life in a way she cannot explain for all things seem to have forsaken her. Her body groans and grieves for the movement that once was and her heart, though battered and tattered around the edges still hopes and longs for someone to love…

At the keyboard she lives – she travels the country astride a magnificent horse and they move as one over path and rock and wave. Their spirits combine, for they are one and they give comfort to each other, happy in their peaceful world, never alone for they have each other.

At the keyboard she loves – her heart is given to a compassionate man whose world is shared with  hers – meaningful yet natural, caring and giving. Their souls join for they, too, are one and they give comfort to each other because they are always together.

At the keyboard in the darkness of the night she is never lonely for the midnight sky is forever jeweled with stars and a silver moon that guides her steps into night fall.

At the keyboard it is her favorite season and she tends a garden overgrown with her favorite flower, its delicate fragrance soft upon the breeze.

At the keyboard there is no sorrow, no disease, no heartache… and it is there that it is written that those who think upon their dreams and hold them dear and close and never give up – they will eventually see them bloom.

At the keyboard – her dreams come true.

She still believes in the heroes of her childhood for they have made a mark upon her heart...

2 thoughts on “At the keyboard

  1. Mandy

    The spirit is always stronger – it surpasses the body into the next realm – that’s how strong it is. Love comes in many shapes, sizes and forms, enjoy the ones you have and had – so many people do not have love in their lives at all – love is love no matter what quarter it comes from, relish in it. Without it you can be surrounded by people and still feel alone.
    What’s to say physical love is the best – the media, the movies? A deeply understanding friendship, a supportive realative, a kindness shown by a stranger – all these are love – embrace them.

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