Winter Solstice

December 21st – the shortest day of the year! Well, it’s not really any shorter as there are just as many hours as in any other day but there are fewer of those hours in daylight. The good thing about today other than it means winter is officially here – is that now the days will start to get longer again. Gradually but technically, they do. There was more snow today too, as if to make its point.

Snowflakes fall lightly - a beautiful sight to see.

It was an awesome day at work for this writer. We shared in a potluck lunch that brought together all  co-workers, much fun, food and many laughs. We also exchanged gifts in a “secret Santa” that had us all aglow just like little children waiting for the big guy to deliver. As very lucky employees, we also all got another gift courtesy of our employers – the condition of this exchange was that they could be “stolen” by the next one in line if they liked it that much and so chose to do so. It is there that I lost the cool glasses that I got in a heated exchange and ended up with a box of chocolates, and although they looked like they were good, expensive chocolates, I will re-gift them in light of my recent pact to eat less stuff that is not good for me. (p.s. don’t peg me a martyr yet for I have had my share of Christmas treats and will begin over to count calories in the near future…)

Do you love musicals? This is one told totally by singing...

After work I made a quick stop to say hi to Lynn and drop off a gift for a friend. Next on the list was some last-minute shopping and then I met the girls from work at Jan’s place to have a chat and a glass of wine before the show. We saw the sold out performance at Festival Place – Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat… If you like musicals, can follow the story line given in tune and enjoy up-beat music and action, you will love this one. The performers did an awesome job – the young singers were so cute and I daresay, it was very colorful! I hear that the coat in the production is the actual one that Donny Osmond wore..

I was happy I could last through this long, busy day – and I’ll probably feel it tomorrow given the state my bones are in right at the moment. It was worth it, though, just to feel a little joy and share something more than just work, with the people you see everyday.


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