Have you seen this blogger?

Dear Blog World:

I will be the first one to admit that this has been a crazy couple of weeks (perhaps even months) and it will only get busier as we approach Christmas will all the family events and shopping and fighting winter traffic (yuck!) but as writers we continue to blog, pen, type, poke and plot away in whatever manner we can, because after all, as writers we write. I am concerned, however, for a friend who has fallen off the blog earth and hasn’t commented or posted on the  WFSC web site either, lately. She can just ignore me for being so bold but she knows how much her encouragement helps me so… it is reciprocal and always available. Have you seen this blogger???

TRB - my friend
I know for a fact the bears didn't get her... so where is she? Hibernating?

If you see her, tell her I am wondering what she’s writing.  I miss her words.


Her blog friend.

P.S. Stay safe – Stay warm…

Is it spring yet? Wake me up when winter's all over.

2 thoughts on “Have you seen this blogger?

  1. Twilla Boyce

    This just in,…the missing friend reported in the above blog entry has been sighted. As was suspected, she was not hibernating with the bears but incubating the tender young thoughts recently planted in her brain. She is expecting a major cleanup in the next few weeks as the remnants of protective shells will, no doubt, be gloriously abundant.

    PS: I luv ya, Linda! You da best ever!

  2. wildhorse33

    …no, you da best! Ok…I’ll settle for a tie (and not one of those paisley print ones you give Dad at Christmas).

    Cultivate those thoughts
    Raise them from your lair
    Harvest bountiful and rich
    Dreams with loving care

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