So… what did you write?

I know you are all chopping at the bit – lol – right, like it matters. Well just in case you are interested, the following is what finally came out of my confused brain:

“I closed my eyes for just a moment – trying to relax my mind. It took some effort to let those tightly held thoughts flow so they could be freely expressed.  What a difference from last month, when the words would not stop and I managed to achieve what was necessary. At this time, though, I am looking for some kind of emotionally uplifting thought that can be shared in the spirit of the season and as I perused the offerings I was getting more and more desperate – concerned that there were none that I cared to share at this time. These thoughts were not easy to attain and they are most certainly, not carefree in any manner.”

“After several efforts and a couple of sleepless nights, I decided to give up on the festive mood, creative writing thing and here I am – standing on the doorstep of writer’s despair. Nothing good can come from this exchange and I force myself to look about at others – see their anguish, their situation, and their trials – it was then that I decided to give in is just to give up, and besides it wasn’t life or death.”

“Words are not scarce – they never will be, for me. It is something that should not worry me, although, I get caught up easily in the process way too often. It is just their direction and their delivery that eludes me at times when other things are more important, distracting, and requires my emotional attention. It is times like these that the “downside” to life is more prominent than the “upside” of my writer’s life.”

“As I write this, I am still tugging at the leash, wanting to run off on some other tangent, but I insist on willing myself to keep on writing and perhaps freefall myself into a creative heap – and perhaps I can dig out some profundity like magnetic poetry on the fridge from little cut up, mixed up words. And that makes me laugh, because actually I have had some profound statements from these mere offerings – however, they escape me at the moment. Or rather, they don’t come to mind.”

“This paper dish offers food for thought

Emotions are raw and piping hot

With spice of life and dash of reason

A pinch of sweetness to greet the season

A watched kettle won’t boil and put out the fire

And life is too tasty to give up on desire

This recipe for cheer is not lightly taken

Especially when served up bruised and shaken

Sometimes life’s bite leaves a bitter taste

We tend to dismiss good for bad in haste

So with friends around to share this part

Merry Christmas with all my heart.”

No matter the style - modern or old fashioned - have a Merry Christmas!


2 thoughts on “So… what did you write?

  1. Twilla Boyce

    “And life is too tasty to give up on desire” That about sums it up. My favorite line but I love the entire poem. Thank you

  2. wildhorse33

    Thank you.

    Although my desire is encrusted in life’s wear I still dream big and have hopes of accomplishing things I dream of.

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