Trying to write something

I am trying very hard to write something “festive” for the writer’s Christmas party tonight. Yes, I said tonight! It is not to be said that I have gone on not knowing and not trying – it is again one of those things that just does not come naturally because I am trying too hard. I am trying extra hard because I have to work around other things and thoughts that are residing in my head at this time, this year. That being said, there have been many lines come to pass – right from my mind and out – and although several have made it to paper, I have not found that special something that makes me want to share. So. It’s coffee break at work and I sit here … thinking … again and trying too hard, again. Stupid, left brain – stop it already! I could just resort to reading some old stuff – from last year or the year before, or the year before that! I know there are some new people who have not heard them but please, I am supposed to be able to come up with this stuff at any given moment. I would venture to guess that I didn’t use all my words up in November because they were focused and directed on a specific project… and there are always more words where they came from. I have no fear that something will come to me… but if I’m writing it on the kitchen counter as I set out the festive ware – I am not sure what condition it or the food might be in! In any event, I know what I want to say – it is just having a problem coming out in a happy, merry, creative way. Perhaps, a glass of wine might take the sharpness off…

It just might go without saying...
...deck the halls...

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