Time for just a little cheer

 As I try to look back over the year 2009 and remember all the things that I should be thankful for, I tend to focus most of my attention to the last couple of weeks. It has not been a year without failure or triumph as it has been punctuated with its fair share of both. It is within the last couple of weeks, though, that the elation of my passion and the deflation of my soul have occured in unison. This is not creative harmony as I sometimes struggle with how to deal with it and go on to do all that needs to be done. I feel blessed with the accomplishment of having participated in the NaNoWriMo competition and I managed 50,501 words without giving up all that is claimed to be forgotten during this month of wild word abandon. In this bliss, however, lies a nagging sadness that lingers after finding out someone very dear is dealing with what could be a life altering situation to do with cancer and operations and all that goes along afterwards. This is the thing that holds me up from actually feeling any merriment even though the festive season is upon us. It is her strength and spirit that gives me hope she will be okay. And there is where I rest – that is what I can be the most thankful for – not for pretty wrapped presents or extravagant parties – no, just for a will power called Sylvia.
Listen to the bells ring... in chorus, the angels sing...

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