Keep on Keeping on

It is sometimes a shock to come back to the blog and see just how much time has elapsed since my last post. It is not that I haven’t written a word blog-wise but it’s just that I haven’t written at each and every place that I do post something. I have kept up on my daily journal page and have posted some comments on the bulletin board at our writer’s web site. I have put in some time on the novel but I did let that slide just a little this week as well. I have been tired and knew that this weekend would be for writing since I took a couple of extra days off to catch up on some others things as well. Sometimes there just gets to be too much and I need to just stop. Think. Then continue.

The emotional stress of news received during the week was enough to put things on hold – almost. The truth of one matter will not be known until Monday and is something that hits too close to the heart. Until further tests it is better to be positive and keep on doing what needs to be done. That said, it is not easy to let things slip entirely from your mind. The post previous to this one ended with the comments of feeling things that someone else experiences especially when they are close to you. Again, it does no good to reflect negatively except that it can pull you down if you let it and sadness eats away at you.

Other news received as I asked innocently about someone revealed other things that I did not want to know. This news disturbed me as well but I was able to go forward putting it from my mind just because the situation it comes from is not as close to my heart as the first news.

I want so much to think in a positive way and continue my writing – so I do. Until I know otherwise, this will be the mindset. This post might seem all over the place, not saying anything too concrete but that is how I prefer it for now. I choose to say that things are happening but do not identify the situation or the people it happens to. This keeps it private and although I know others experience their own situations, it keeps it mine and to me it is still not real. If I dwell I see the negative and the unfairness.

With every sundown there is the unconditional hope that a new day will dawn... just as always.

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