After the Workshop

The day after the workshop I am back at it, knee-deep in words – updating the web site, blogging and thinking of the attack on the next chapter of my novel. Half way through the month and I’m sitting at 30,313 words and since it is still early in the day, I will definitely post more by tonight.

I am happy with my progress and it allowed me to take a break. I took the time yesterday to prepare and attend the Fall Writers Workshop that our group hosts. This would be the fourth year running. It was a success even if the attendance was lower than I would have liked – at least I can say that everyone there, including the presenters were or became a member of the WFSC as of the 14th. The support we give to local writers is evident by the response we get from participants and the commitment shown by our volunteers. Next year we will celebrate our 5th anniversary as an incorporated society in Alberta. Our plans for an all day Writers Conference is receiving great initial response and we would expect a sell-out when the schedule is posted to our web site. Watch for more details at

Today, I took a short mid-day break to hear my daughter, Kelsey, sing at the Festival of Trees in the Sherwood Park Mall. The Studio she belongs to put on the show and she is scheduled throughout the Christmas season at several events. I am not just being a biased-more-than-just-a-little-proud Mom – she sings with a natural talent, one inherent in our family. I would love for her to be “discovered” and given the chance to shine like I know she can. She is my angel. Good job.

I was even able to look around Chapters for a bit – shopping hurts my back so I can’t do long stretches – 25% off was a good reason to suffer through and get a start on gift buying. My next stop is back to my desk to complete some blogging and some novel-writing despite the goings-on.

Many things are happening – sometimes all at once – and we take it into ourselves as we move through our journey. We absorb everything that goes on around us – it molds us and makes us better if it doesn’t break us. The things we understand and learn from, push us forward; the things we do not understand we strive to have answered and they hold us back until we attain them; the things that have no answer for we must learn there are none and we must let them go.

This complicated blog wraps me around the things happening in my life and my confused thoughts.  So entwined we are with some events that it makes it impossible to be separate from it – someone laughs and you laugh; someone hurts and you hurt; someone cries and you cry.

Somethings just go on and your journey continues.

We write what we live – we live what we write.

An endless sky like our life - sometimes it closes in on us; other times we see forever

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