We were talking the other day

I’m sitting here trying to post a blog that is profound in some way – my own way – and I know a topic usually comes to me in due time. I’m on my way to the novel and will try to push my word count for NaNoWriMo to the 30,000 mark tonight. By posting  a blog I get my thoughts focused on the writing and give my fingers a warm up so they can get me to that goal. I found I was trying too hard to think of a subject – what can I write about tonight? It is better to just sit down and start. So that brings me to the point of the title. We (my writing buddies and I) were talking the other night about starting to blog with one of the members who has not started yet. We just threw some ideas out there for him to consider…with the most important point being: just write on something you are familiar with in an everyday way; something that you can describe or feel comfortable sharing. It doesn’t have to be beautiful, in that everything is not the perfect sunset or fragrant flower. It could even be sad or display an anger through a rant about something bothering you or perhaps it’s a “just as I see it” kind of piece. Everyone has something they can share because everyone has a story. Our lives might be busy and that might be the story. Even as individuals, we can identify with some aspect of everyone’s life. There is no unique secret to blogging – just a passion for words and a knowledge that everyone who writes, knows the feeling. I came about this blog because my cat was bothering me and I thought I should write his story some day. It is a funny inspiration but also one we talked about the other day.

"Hey dude, every cat has a tale..."

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