Fall Writers Workshop

It’s just Tuesday and even with all that is going on I am still looking forward to the upcoming workshop this Saturday. I missed Kelly Ross’ presentation in the spring because I was staying with my mom at the time. She just had knee surgery and I took my holidays to stay with her during her early convalescence. It should be a very interesting topic – research and fact-checking. This is something that all writers need to do no matter what style or genre we write in. It is necessary to portray the facts in an accurate manner so that it validates our work – even if it is a work of fiction. An incorrect reference , one that is easily confirmed with a little research, can tarnish the whole work – the reader will doubt the validity of other references if they find a simple one that could have been corrected. We must write knowing that our audience is intelligent and will pick up on something if we just breeze over it assuming it is not important. This not only means that spacial factors such as timing and location must be probable, it means that all of our references, words and descriptions must match the situation and time period we are writing about. The whole product must match the genre, too.

The second part of the workshop is going to be interactive fun! I am looking forward to that part just as much as the first. It is another part of our writing process – using ideas, prompts and whatever other props necessary to get the creative juices flowing. Our own group president, Twilla Boyce, will lead us in “The Games Writers Play.” On occasion we have used some of the ideas she will present to do some freefall writing – it really gets the creativity happening – and out of it might come an idea or the start of something new. Even if it is a  just “in the moment” exercise for you,  it might be a great way to get your writing started if you are not one to just sit down and get right into the meat of the matter.

Hope to see all you local writers out there. You can check out our web site calendar at  www.wfscsherwoodpark.com for more information.

Take care, stay healthy and keep on writing!


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