It is said that everyone has a story to tell but not all writers choose to tell a story about their own life. It is more common to choose to work in one of the many genres of fiction. The blog phenomena has opened up a window. It allows us a glimpse into the writer’s life. The topics they choose to write about and the style they use, tell us a great deal about what is going on in their life or gives us an idea how they feel about certain issues.

Blogging on a daily basis chronicles experiences and stories of the author and has become the 20th century journal.  The amount of personal detail interjected into the blog tells us about the writer and whether they are comfortable sharing with their readers. We make a connection with a blogger when we can relate to what they are saying. Our opinions do not have to match but we must be tolerant and able to accept another person’s point of view.

Although an autobiography or memoir is not everyone’s goal we can encounter pieces of a writer’s life story in whatever they choose to write.

What aspects of your life are no longer hidden behind closed doors?

2 thoughts on “Blogging

  1. ctortolano

    I agree. I also believe that the blogging world has opened a door for all those people who maybe didn’t have faith in their writing before but want to turn over a new leaf.

  2. Twilla Boyce

    I really think I have blogging to thank for unlocking that door held so tightly shut by self-doubt and apprehension. I agree with you statements about blogging. Such a personal act – to share, whether humorous, rant, blessings or trials. We see the human quality in others and ourselves and I think we learn to appreciate the very thing that makes us different. Appreciate it enough to celebrate it – hold it dear.

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