See what I mean?

Well, the reason I wrote the last post is because I was thinking of something in particular when I wrote it and wouldn’t you know it I went off on some other tangent forgetting all about that thought! I laugh at me…ha, ha, ha… Anyway, I was tweeting something to somewhere out in twitter space about my blog and then another about planning an upcoming event for our writers group and I thought “wow, how cool would that be if a certain celebrity poet would attend our Conference on April 24th, 2010 and give a little presentation workshop on poetry.” So I tweeted it out there for you know who to possibly pick up and reply to me directly and say “why, yes, I’d love to…”

See where I’m going with this? Always thinking. Always thinking.

Yes and dreaming 🙂

viggo this way, viggo that way


2 thoughts on “See what I mean?

  1. Twilla Boyce

    Holy Crap! If he showed up, I’d…I’d… I’d…I don’t know. Blither on like an idiot, perhaps? No, for certain! I can see it now… No, better to “think of something else”. lol

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