Within your heart lies a story

LIFE’S BLOOD FLOWS ink blue as upon the page we write

Sharing bold our deepest thoughts sometimes into the night

WITHIN THE GARDEN… there grows a passionate promise among the leaves

with warmth of sun and kiss of rain

…it can float UPON THE BREEZE…

Time to change… to chance upon… something new each day

Secret thoughts to rearrange … and send new versions on their way

Sea salt seasons the story WITH EVERY OCEAN WAVE…

Continued to another time forever our souls to save

They travel far and wide and upon a mountain top it lands

they slide into a grassy valley then ATOP THE DESERT SANDS…

Our stories validate our lives and make immortals of us all

We live beyond the pages… beckoned by a reader’s call.

Let your mind wander

Let your mind wander – there are many places to go

Within your heart lies a story – so write what you know!


One thought on “Within your heart lies a story

  1. Twilla Boyce

    Oh, this is so beautiful. It reads like an ocean breeze. Or, rather, what I believe an ocean breeze would feel like. I am yet to actually see the ocean. And I like the visual of the photo. That glassy surface! The sun trying so diligently to break through the mist and cloud. The frosty mountains sleeping quietly in the background. Puuurrrrrr. I wanna curl up in a cozy blankie but stay out in the cold refreshing air.

    Keep writing, girl. I check almost every day! ; )

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